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15 August 2007



I've recently received some of those "Greeting Card" e-mails too. I thought they looked suspicious because they didn't have names, but tended to be from "neighbour" and "friend" etc. So I got rid of them, I would have been more likely to have opened one if, like you, it had been from a name that I recognised, so I think I have had a narrow escape!

I think its useful to look at the address they come from because mine didn't come from any of the usual greeting card addresses (such as 123greetings or yahoo or whatever) they had 123 greetings in the name but not the address. (I don't know if this can be taken as fool-proof advice though as there are probably very clever virus sending people out there who can make addresses sound genuine too, but if in doubt delete it!)

Mike Goss

I have had so many of these bogus greetings (all deleted) recently, that I will never open one again. I'd rather risk the occasional lost 'greeting' than go through what you have! This scam is likely to lead to the end of genuine greetings card websites.

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