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13 August 2007


Pauline C

Not nice David. Will be thinking of and praying for Dad GV

Les Hutchinson

I come from Irvine too (kind of). Hope your dad's doing OK. My dad's not too great at the moment, so I've got an idea what it's like.


Sorry to hear that GV. my Prayers are with you

Mike Goss

Hi David
My mum had a stroke a couple of years ago. It was 'hidden' in that no-one realised it had happened until a week or two later when mum had an epileptic fit caused by the damage. A little loss of ability followed for a short time, but she recovered; had another two fits over the following six months as the medication was balanced, but is now doing very well and is driving again (I'm not sure the driving is such good news...)
It's scary when your parents start getting ailments we associate with 'the elderly' (mum's only 66). Role reversal comes in, etc. Mum used to have a card on her fridge: 'Avenge yourself! Live long enough to become a problem to your kids!'
Prayers with you and family.
Love, Mike


Thanks for these expressions of support, everyone. Your thoughts and prayers for dad and mum are very much appreciated.

Cathy Wilson

He is on my list David -
as is the family - as you deal with the practicalities with grace and wisdom:))


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