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11 December 2009



happy birthday David, hope its an enjoyable one


Happy Birthday, sir :)

Gareth J M Saunders

Sorry I didn't manage to meet up with you. The weather was mingin' (thick fog from St Andrews to just outside of Glasgow) so we were held up considerably. Got in just as Porcupine Tree took to the stage.

I'd have to say that was one of my favourite gigs ever.

Left straight afterwards to head through the fog back to Fife. Got home just before 01:00.

I now use ER-20 earplugs at gigs, they've been great. They keep the high end sounds but reduce the overall volume. Really good.



I'm glad you liked it so much.

After hanging out with some hardcore PT fans, some of whom follow the band on tour, I ended up on the rail at the front, right in front of Steven Wilson. For me, it was pretty much the perfect gig.


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