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14 March 2010



Daffodils?!?!?! Everybody knows that gold roses, as sent by the Pope to catholic queens (shame I'm just an anglican one ;-)), are the correct flower for today! That said, the mother's singalong sounds...er...interesting. Do they do U2' Mothers of the Disappeared, or perhaps a track by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention?


Aye! There were tons of disappointed mums in Dumbarton this Mothering Sunday. None of the several thousand bulbs that the Council planted have sprung to life yet. At St Auggie's we are more organised. We order them from M & S three weeks earlier, so they are always there for us. Not just daffodils... these are M & S daffodils! See St Augustine's? See class!


and one for Dads :) Kicks in at 2.20

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