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27 August 2005



I know I'm cynical
but - Free - ?
p s
I like your picture on your blog
have you thought it could be fun
to post a caricature instead



This is better, the other is a bit dull, and I agree with Jimmy how free is free anyway? It doesn't equate with good and in this case its worth it. Dull sites don't encourage you to keep reading the site, this one is visually interesting and in a very visually orientated world this could be important if you want to mximise your ability to communicate.


have you had a look at eblogger? it has a few more features than your other site, while also having the advantage of being free! i've been using it for a few months now and it's very user friendly. as it happens, i think this blog is better than your other!


I believe paying for web services, especially blogs, is against the spirit of the Internet. Blogspot also is a good, free service, with a lot of control over layout and design.


as i typepad user I'd got with them. That said if you have the technical know how you can do soem good stuff with wordpress. Anyway good to see another Glasgow pastor blogging!

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