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19 August 2005



I couldn't agree more. We need to be much more strategic in planting than at the moment.

The big question is how?

I think we need a recognition of other's ministries and an agreed common discipine.

Building in the Gaps is an initiative which seeks to promote this kind of Church Planting strategy in the city (see link).


After a series of events, I was compelled to find out if others had similar thoughts about a lack of churches working together here in the West End. From some reasearch about churches in the WestEnd, an email from a pastor and his referral I got here. Sadly, I am one of those church planters mentioned and now I am questioning our effect on the broader church. Hopefully, I will be a catalyst for working together. I have started to interact with a local pastor and this past week have been trying to set up other meetings with 3 others. Is anyone aware of anything that is West End based and across denominations where we can meet to work in a (supernatural) strategic way? I can go this alone with one off meetings, but with the demands of my own ministry, I think I am just scratching the surface of what God wants done here.


I loved your comments. Like Mike, I am part of one of those church plants in the West-End, and there is no doubt that we have done very little to develop good relationships with the existing church in the area, and we want to remedy just that. I feel as if we are adding to the curse of being protestant by appearing anywhere and everywhere without any notice, dialogue, or brotherhood with the like's of yourself. Deeply Sorry.


I am in full agreement... but also left with questions. I am a missionary here in Glasgow. I have been here for two and a half years and I feel like I am just now discovering so many things about Gods work here... like, for example, that everybody and their dog wants to plant a church in the West End! I wonder to myself why it is that God called my family and I (and what appears to be a myriad of other missionaries and church planters) here to Glasgow... and specifically to the West End. I am left somewhere between, "wow God must really want to do something in this part of Glasgow", and "what about the rest of the city… and country?" Which leads me to my questions... what about the rest of the city? What is God's purpose in so clearly calling so many here to this great city? Where else is God moving here? And, finally, if you were going to plant a church elsewhere, where would you do it?

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