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27 January 2006


Rob Anderson

Sorry to hear about that. If you've ever done any online banking, especially with that credit card, you might want to get your computers scanned for a keylogger or trojan.

David Muir

This happened to me about 3 years ago when somebody cloned my Switch card and stole £900ish from our account. What distressed me most was how little the bank seemed to care. Even the police weren't interested because the amount was "too small"! It at least sounds like you got a bit more sympathy from your credit card people.

Karen B.

I was very impressed with my own card company. I got a call on New Year's Eve (a Saturday) around noon from my credit card company saying they suspected a fraudulent charge of $900 since it did not match any of my previous spending patterns (this was a card I have mostly used for fairly inexpensive recurring monthly charges like my internet service, my home alarm service, etc. in the past 2 years).

It was indeed fraudulent.

So, the card was cancelled instantly and a new one FedExed to me the next business day, all with no cost to me. But it was a hassle nonetheless as I had to contact all the companies that bill me monthly on that card to change the billing info.

Hope all works out for you. Your situation sounds a lot more serious than mine was.

Beat Attitude

sorry to hear about the theft Dave, real pain in the bum!

Laura W

Hi David, this happened to me, via the post, and I ended up speaking to two fraud teams, and guiding the police as to what we should do. I was so frustrated, and it feels really weird knowing that someone else is trying to be you. However, it was reasuring to know that with even nearly every single bit of ID stolen, I was still very protected.
Useful info
1. Shred every document with your details on it - people steal ID from bins. Include any application forms for credit cards you receive
2. You can get details from the CAB on how to do a credit check, and clear your name if ID tampering has taken place, as loans can be refused without your credit cleared.

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