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31 January 2006



Yeah, that's no bad thing. Based on what I've seen through the normal news and various snippets on theyworkforyou.com etc, I think it's high time the government stopped proposing draconian, illogical and ill-thought-out laws and expecting Parliament to do all the work sanitizing them (see how much time this case, the Hunting bill, and ID-cards have been wasting).

This is particularly relevant here since they did not make the case for any new legislation over and above that which exists already, and while I doubt the consequences would have been as extreme as you suggest, it would have critically tipped the default state from "sure it's OK" to " it might be OK but you've got to justify yourself why this is not against the law, every time someone else feels like taking a pot-shot at you".

I was partly amused, partly scared, to see that, sometimes, the Opposition does not just exist merely to object to whatever the government says, but actually to help keep tabs on a sense of normality in the zeitgeist at large.

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