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10 February 2006



I know some folk who have had disasters when lasers and eyes are combined...
there is no evidence of what happens long term, whether it is a lasting treatment ...


Nobody knows what happens to the eyes that have this done to them.........over many years. Keep the glasses Gadgetviar


I know a consultant opthamologist who stays with glasses or contacts because he spends a good proportion of time fixing laser problems. However my pal had it done (albeit twice) and swears by it, however she said the post op pain was a nightmare! While I dream of waking up able to see clearly I'd keep the specs!

Continuing Home

"Reading avidly from a tender age might have contributed too."

I doubt this. I too was an avid reader from an early age, and from the onset of my teens I purchased (courtesy of a local used book store) a library of many thousands of books, mostly paperback SF but with other interests represented.

(Being a typical American, moving relatively often, I soon winnowed that collection to a thousand or so once on my own.)

But for all I real a lot, often enough in poor light, it was not until I began to approach my second half-century of life that I began to notice the diminishment of my visual acuity.

It turns out that it was being reduced to 20/20 from my former eagle vision, coupled with the need to hold the service book every further away to read the Epistle, that resulted in my wearing glasses.

I've thought about the treatments and dispensing with the glasses... but the permanent downside of an error keeps me away.

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