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18 April 2006



ooo, u should catch a matinee show of a musical while ur down there, then shop on oxford street and go for dinner in covent garden! and send postcards to confuse lots of people u know! sunday was another great cushion nite, nice to catch up! happy flying :)

Lawrence Osborn

This is probably too late to be of any use to you this time, but you could try the St John's Bible exhibit at the V&A. On display are samples from the St John's Bible -- an illuminated Bible for the twenty-first century. Some of the illuminations are very powerful (I was particularly struck by the illumination of Ezekiel's vision of the valley of dry bones).


Hi David,
If it was me my ideal choice would be to go to a football game at any London based stadium and see Manchester United defeat whatever team they were playing against.

But that not being possible if I had time to kill in London I would probably go to see a movie (maybe Ice Age 2??) and if there was none worth seeing then my next choice would be depending on the price of the entry tickets to go to one of the London museums or art galleries or even something like a show at the Planetorium followed by a visit to Madame Tussauds (you get a cheaper combined ticket) or if I didnt want to spend any money just go window shopping and walk about the city sightseeing especially the historical and theatrical places like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the Globe Theatre, Theatreland etc or maybe though I am not sure if that's safe just take a walk with God in one of the beautiful parks or gardens in London.

So those are my choices but I still looked up London Museums and Exhibitions as well as London Sightseeing for you and here is what I found:

London Museums and Exhibitions

London Sightseeing

Hope that's useful and please dont forget to tell us about the museums or exhibitions or movie or football match (you may be luckier than I would be on that because you being the pastor would have a hotline to God) or sightseeing or whatever else you are inspired to do so we can think on those lines when we may ourselves be in London with time to kill.

Love and God bless,

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