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27 April 2006


Kelvin Holdsworth

Help him, Lord!

Gareth Saunders

A college of preachers?
An encouragement of preachers?
A challenge of preachers?

I'm just about to sit down and write my final sermon for my current appointment. My sermons from now on will all be in finely crafted and validated XHTML. I wonder who validates our sermons? The Holy Spirit, perhaps...


Hi David,
Its very sad about Scott and so a wee suggestion. I am sure you will speak about him at both the services and I thought maybe we could do something more too so this suggestion. Maybe we could keep a small note book at the entrance to act as a kind of Condolence Book for both the Sunday Services so people can write in it both before and after your sermons and then after the evening service you could then take it away and give to his parents and family.

Love and God bless,

Simon Varwell

Perhaps the collective noun could vary according to denomination...
Presbyterians - a length of preachers
Free Presbyterians - a greater length of preachers
Pentecostals - a gust of preachers
Quakers - a ponderance of preachers
Methodists - a triumph of preachers
Baptists - a dunk of preachers

...and so on!

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