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06 July 2006



I am a big supporter of prison ministries (Kairos, locally). But this number is not sufficient:

"In some American states recidivism has been reduced to eight per cent by the programme."

Eight percent is quite an amazing achievement, if it's a lifetime number. Overall, about half of all prisoners released will re-offend (after 20 years post-release without re-offense the probability becomes vanishingly small).

On the other hand, even if it's the number who return in the *first year* after release, that's still an amazing 50% reduction. (Source: "Examining Recidivism," NCJ-96501, U.S. Dept of Justice Statistice.)

Axing these programs is a destructive act.

Damien saunders

as an ex member of the inner change progreamme that was at Dartmoor prison i wished to state the following.
innerchange was an open hand course to inmates who wanted that second chance to give them hope in that they can change, taking the course was a real benefit to life as for 1 of many i can say in the time i was on the course i had gained so much & all of which helping me through my release & rehabilitation. i strongly disagree with the way the course was axed, it was open to all voluntarily, you were welcome no matter what so a huge thankyou to all at dartmoor prison especially teresa conway x

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