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08 August 2006


Mike Goss

You are incurably technomanic...


"Managing to not blog, as we are far too busy relaxing in gorgeous sunshine."

Sunshine? Gorgeous? Okay -- we hear that from vacationers here this time of year, and we do sometimes enjoy it too -- but it's not long until the blessed rain returns to Seattle.

"This is being posted via a 56k dial-up connection, which is also a big disincentive."

Big disincentive? Until a few weeks ago my 56k cellphone connection was prized, compared to our 26k dialup (courtesy of old poor wiring).


Hi David,
Quote: 'Don`t worry, though. I haven`t even checked my email via the web. It will be much better fun doing that when we get home next Tuesday.'

Was it 'better fun'? Somehow I dont think it was much 'fun' from your 'When Gadjets Go Bad' blog...

God's blessings,

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