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27 August 2006


Mike Goss

At least you guys get some colour - or even white - when formal. We just look like crows in our black dresses!


Hi Mike,
'At least you guys get some colour - or even white - when formal. We just look like crows in our black dresses!' Why do you and others 'look like crows in.. (your) black dresses'?? Are you a priest too? Are you talking about black soutans?

God's blessings,

Mike Goss

Hi Rebecca - sorry, just 'cos Dave knows who I am doesn't mean everyone does! I'm a Church of Scotland minister, and to be strictly accurate I do get to wear a purple graduation hood...



Hi Mike,
Its nice to meet you across cyber space Reverend. Whenever you are at St Silas and if I am there please ask David to point out who I am and meet me in person and I hope you will invite me to visit your church.

Thanks for explaining. Yes purple is a color used in most churches no matter the denomination. It was the royalty color used only by the royals in ancient Rome but then it was associated with Jesus' pain and passion and that last 'purple path' he took to the cross and so purple's become one of the colors of Jesus.

So here is a wee article on 'The Color Purple' that may interest both you and David (and anyone else who reads it) as my way of saying 'Hello Reverend' over cyberspace:

God's blessings,

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