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17 September 2006



"It might be that the Jihadists are totally unwilling to talk or compromise."

It might be that those on the other sider are too. It sometimes seems as if there is a 'west is best' type attitude emerging from the Western world. I think that like you say dialogue is the key, politically and religiously, with both sides being willing to compromise. The only thing I would add to that would be that this compromise does not come at the cost of compromising the gospel.

"...it seems to me that biblically, we are to be weak and powerless,"

Unfortunately this does not seem to be the view held by our political leaders, and dare I suggest there would be a significant number of Western believers who would agree with them.



From the corner of my eye
I can almost see
in a recess of my mind
something dark is watching me.
Moving in shadows
but not caused by light
emanating darkness.
Held at the gate
by the keeper of the keys
kept in quarantine
like a disease
endlessly pacing
the confines of it's cell
glaring defiently
with the venom of Hell.
Here is
the accuser of my soul
the robber of my peace
Here is
the hand of iron
fashioned in a cross
fashioned to deceive
Here is
the God of racial supremacy
the master of the master race
the destroyer of worlds.
And from you where can I flee
to the highest mountain
or the deep blue sea
I will take you there with me.


Hi David,
Thank you for a very thoughtful and insightful analysis of the current 'storm in the teacup' that Pope Benedict XVI has been facing. I am really very sad that Pope Benedict felt compelled to apologize because I didnt see anything wrong in what he said that required an apology.

Pope Benedict is an academic theologian and whether one agrees with him or not on doctrinal points no one can deny that he is probably one of the most learned men to become the Bishop of Rome (and that's the title he prefers unlike other Popes as he has the Bishop not the Pope's hat as his insignia) so he certainly knows what he is talking about.

Why do Christians always have to bend over backwards to accomodate other views and others never reciprocate? What about Christian feelings being offended when crosses are burnt, priests and nmissionaries of all Christian denominations are imprisoned, tortured and killed, converted Christians sentenced to death in some countries and now images of the Pope's effigy being burnt?

So I will ask the question that the article some months back in 'The Herald' during the time of the controversy over the cartoons about Mohammed had asked: 'Who will stand up for Jesus?'

God's blessings,


Hi Jimmy,
Thank you for the poem 'Herrenvolk' from the X-Files tv series.. 'Herrenvolk' meaning 'Master Race' in German and the series tagline was 'Everything Dies'.

But I am not sure what this poem has to do with Pope Benedict? Is it because he is German? What has Pope Benedict to do with 'Herrenvolk' Why have you thought of it here?

The term 'Herrenvolk' is more appropriate for the evil of the Nazis who beliewved in the 'Master Race' and their anti-semitism meant 'everything died' that was not part of the 'master race'. So why is this poem mentioned here? I dont understand that at all.

God's blessings,


"The world economy would be jeopardised, as oil becomes scarcer. Strategically, these are part of the goals that the Jihadists have."

The Jihadis do not have much more time. The cost of alternative energy (hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, biomass, wave and nuclear) has been dropping about 50% per decade for some decades now. Sometime from about 2030 to 2060, they will reach parity with fossil fuels worldwide. In some locales, such as Hawaii, cost parity has already been reached.

When the day of global parity arrives, the Jihadis will have no more economic lever against the world. They'll just be sitting on billions of litres of crude lubricant...

Which may not solve "race hatred," but at least it pulls the financial underpinnings out. (Spoken as an N-th generation descendant of Scots: we remember Wallace, the Bruce, Flodden and Culloden -- but we also take delight in our English friends, colleagues and fellow parishioners.)

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