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21 September 2006



I was about to worry if the `consumerism' might not be a bad thing, there. After all, one occasionally gets accused of having a `pick & mix' attitude to Scripture, or to other sources of spirituality, which is merely a realistic way to express the nature of experience.

However, after reading it, I do see what the author's aiming at: the unthinking approach to church-selection begs the question of what their involvement is going to be like; how can it be anything other than a gloss over their lives? What's worse is what it makes christianity: a political faction, defined in a manner devoid of substance, as opposition to "alternatives".

This sentence sums up an awful lot of my concerns: "They're thinking of the Jesus that adorns t-shirts and SUV tailgates." Once there was a time when someone doodled something to do with Jesus on a t-shirt, and it would've provoked comment, maybe even thought. Now it's been done.

I would add one thing to the article, however. The phrase `the Consuming Fire described in Scripture' can also become the next t-shirt or bumper-sticker-fish or WWJD-bracelet. Any of these things might be right for some combination of {people, time} but they're only transient insights. Where the article deviates down this line of `Consuming Fire', I suggest also `all-permeating omnipresent omnipotent force' and `prince of Peace' and probably a few other terms as well.

Glad to see you've got some McLaren in the reading list, btw. _A Generous Orthodoxy_ is most worthwhile, if you're not already encountered it - especially for the word ORTHOPRAXY!

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