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15 September 2006


Simon Varwell

Excellent! I like the "I've prayed for Dan Brown" one.

Beat Attitude

Ah, gadgetvicar. The alarm bell sounds and the warning lights start to flash. You have unwittingly stumbled across one of my pet hates.

T-shirts with slogans. Yes, I agree they can be funny...or indeed poignant.But maybe I'm the only person that finds it unacceptable when people put no effort into making a t-shirt actually -look- nice. It's a fashion accessory, after all. I passed a guy in London the other day who wore a black t-shirt resplendant with the catch-phrase "Vader was framed". Excellent. A Sound Investment, sir. An open invitation to a snap judgement is just what a body needs.

The internet is resplendant with people who have "hit on the amazing idea" of designing a t-shirt with a witty slogan on it, that says something edgy and ironic about the wearer. Even better are the ones with the punchline written across the back. Priceless.

Anyone can get a t-shirt made for the price of a pre-printed one, and put any slogan they like on it. Therefore I think that in order to make a slogan t-shirt truly worthwhile, I like to see something that I can't do myself, or at least without more than a little difficulty. It should make some effort to compete with the rest of what's out there already if I'm going to think anything other than "the person wearing this is not as funny as they think they are".

Join me next week I'll be belly-aching about how it takes more than a black and white photo from the 50s and a scatological reference or sexual innuendo to make a truly humorous greetings card.


Beat Attitude is back, and with attitude!


Hi David,
I think I'll go for a 'Ratzinger' or 'Pope Benedict XVI' too just to show my support to him in the current 'storm in a teacup'...

God's blessings,

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