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26 October 2006


Beat Attitude

Brilliant brilliant video. Excellent lyrics. Faithless have just gone right up in my estimations.


that's pretty powerful stuff. That must kind of stir people into asking what is life all about, and hopefully to get more Christians praying about our world, rather than just our own dayly grind. We are so forynate here in Scotland.


In the summer of 1984 I took some kind of chill or flu. Although it was a boiling hot day I was lying in bed freezing and shivering and this poem came to me.

The scene

Under the Siberian moon
the bride and the groom
huddle together to keep warm
sheltering from the storm

The dialogue -- The Groom

'Don't say you love me
for love is unreal
we are greater than love
as reason is more than to feel'

'Don't say tomorrow
for it may not come
there is a moon
but no Siberian sun'

'don't say forever
for we only have now
this moment is all
that chance will allow'

'Don't fight the storm
but hide from the blast
there will be calm
when the fury has past'

'O my darling
don't run away
the hills are curds and whey
and the valleys below
are ice and snow
under the Siberian moon'

The Bride

'I will say I love you
for to me love is real
and like a vessel
my reason
contains all I feel'

'I will say tomorrow
and believe it will come
I follow the moon
and hope in the sun'

'I will say forever
because we have now
I believe life is more
than chance would allow'

'I won't fight the storm
but will hide from the blast
and wait for the calm
when the fury has past'

'O my darling
I won't run away
the hills are curds and whey
and the valleys below
are ice and snow
under the Siberian moon'

Chris Nunn

What is truly wonderful about this song is that it is aimed at the youth of this world, and millions of them will be hearing it loud and clear in nightclubs, on car stereo's and in shops all over.. and what a message it is too, such a powerful one for what most would call an average dance group.

The video stirs up many emotions inside me and is so evocative, another video which i recommend watching is a perfect circles imagine, the images in that hit home and hard.


Now that's hilariously original. A Perfect Circle resang the most hypocrite song of all time: Imagine. A millionaire is singing what if there were no posessions, it's as ridiculous as a millionaire pretending to be Hare Krishna, not funny. And then Yoko goes along and ruins any little shred of credibility Lennon had, which wasn't much after Imagine. Though Lennon wasn't the Krishna guy, that role was left to Harrison. Modern celebrities aren't much better but still, well done John and George.

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