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26 November 2006


David Shedden

GV, thanks for this post. You record similar feelings to those I had after reading this review of the film: http://millinerd.com/2006/11/concession-to-borat.html

(I went to see it here in the US, and I was really disappointed. Funny parts indeed, but overall just very poor taste. The film was awful - the only joke being on anyone that went to see.)

After reading the review I mention above, I began to wonder if there were two different Borat movies on general release! How could anyone think Borat actually commends the gospel? If anything, it simply avoids being too critical of Christianity because of the massive Christian audience here in the US.

Love your blog, DWS.


Greetings David,

I hope you realize my review was tongue-in-cheek. I disliked the movie as much as you did (maybe more), and in my review tried to turn it into something worthwhile despite itself.

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