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01 December 2006


Beat Attitude

810 1145 John Gilmour. Did our gutter cleaning for less than half what everyone else was quoting, and seemed like a nice chap.

I've also dealt with A Menzies & Sons, who were quite expensive, but they seemed quite professional.

A Menzies & Sons, 180 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, 0141-945-1127

Our gutters didn't cope with the heavy rain either, and the neighbour on the second floor (not the top, mind you!) had water running in her windows.

It's unreal this weather.


The rain gets everywhere doesn't it?! Including my car engine which cost a fair bit to get fixed this week. Hope the dripping stops soon :)

Graham Cuthbert

Thats not very good! Look out for the ceiling starting to bend....I thought nothing of it until a big patch of plaster came down!

Cathy Wilson

Well David it COULD be worse.

I just had a complete new roof two months ago and on Saturday morning while having a bath the bathroom ceiling fell in on top of me - yep - in the bath. I am very glad to still be alive although brused, cut and shaken!


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