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08 December 2006


Simon Varwell

"Get behind me Santa"... love it, just laughed out loud at that! Reminds me of the story of the dyslexic devil worshipper...


Hello. Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to let you know that you have been “tagged”. By me. Sorry. If you can find the time – or the will – then you are to produce a list of ten things you would never do. You are then expected to pass the burden on to ten fellow bloggers. Don’t blame me, I didn’t start it.

I was tagged by PoliticalUmpire at cricketandcivilisation.blogspot.com. You can find his post from November 24th (“tagged - er, I’m it…”) which may explain things more clearly than I have just done. I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that thing that allows you to click on his name and be transported to his site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Say hello to Glasgow for me. Get behind me Santa. Really, some people.

Kind regards etc.....

Chris Leman

HUGE Sufjan fan. FYI - www.amazon.ca (the Canadian site) has the album in stock for $24.99 CAD which works out to approx 11.30 in your currency (depending on the exchange).

Paul Robertson

Looking forward to the Christmas album(s). The Casmir Pulaski Day video has just enthused me to download them, though perhaps not from iTunes... Would it be wrong to play a banjo wearing cardboard wings at the carol service?

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