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13 December 2006



Oh my life. With the exception of Take That, there is not one single band or artist I have heard of. I am so far out of the loop that I'm actually very nearly fashionable. That, at least, is what I tell my girlfriend. She finds my musical tastes woundingly dull and loses no opportunity to remind me of the fact.

You do welll, however, to resist the temptation to buy or download Take That. Try to stay strong. It is a filthy habit and one that is near impossible to kick. I first tried Take That at a party many many years ago - a friend said I should try it. Said it would be fun. Harmless.

Well, let me tell you, the fatal potency and addictive qualities of those close knit harmonies and baleful tunes came very close to ruining me. Friends started looking at me differently. I would waste money - hard earned money - on tittle tattle surrounding the band. I began to imagine how other songs by other artists would sound with a Take That makeover. I began singing (out loud) how I imagined they might sound. I began, forgive me baby Jesus, to watch their videos with unhealthy relish.

It's at times like these that one needs a strong family to fall back on. And it was the threat of rehabilitation in a clinic in Arizona that my family presented to me as the only alternative, that finally brought me to my senses. I returned to the warm embrace of Bach and Mozart (my spiritual home) and have never looked back since. Well, sometimes I sneak a peek.

Kids - just say "NO".

Right, I'm off to take some medication.

Kind regards etc.....

Rob Anderson

But you know you want to buy the 'Take That' album!


That's not a half bad selection for an oldie!

No Mojave 3 or Regina Spektor? They had quality releases in 2006, as did Jenny Lewis.

keep up man, keep up...


I'm trying, I really am, but I'm so old!

Mojave 3 remind me a little bit of Mazzy Star. As does Jenny Lewis (with the somewhat scary Watson Twins - saw them on Jools' 'Later'?). Regina Spektor (great name!) I've not heard, but I'll check her out on your recommendation.


Kelvin likes "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" too!

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