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22 January 2007



Thanks for posting this little quote on spiritual transformation. As a man who is slowly being changed it is a good to be reminded that refinement is a very gradual process for most of us. I really wish it wasnt but that would deminish the value in the journey.
I do enjoy your blog, its entertaining, sometimes challenging and often enlightening.

Anna B

Thanks for that - it ties in with something that was said at morning prayers at my church today (I love it when God does that kind of thing!). It's a really good reminder in a world where often only instant results are recognised or valued.



My first experience of "Christianity" was in a Holiness Church complete with instant and total sanctification. so I appreciate what Bono is saying, I've come to the same conclusions myself.

But he's still got a face I wouldn't get fed up punching.

Guacamole Girl

Jimmy - what a thing to say!!
Yes I know Bono isn't everyone's poster boy, but you've got to admit his heart's in the right place, even if he doesn't always get it right.

GadgetV - thanks for posting this.
I'd heard Bono say the "I was lost, but now I'm a little less lost" thing before & it really resonated with my experience. I used to think I was the only one who hadn't got it all sussed - it's a great relief to realise we're all stil en route to found-ness!

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