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04 January 2007



FWIW I'm with freedom2surf, now one of the pipex minions.

Connectivity adequate, 2Mbit/s uncapped for about £25/month. I've looked around but can't find anyone better (and the `uncapped' is the important bit to me - will delay going 8Mbit/s until that's available at a sensible price).

Beat Attitude

So, with the "scaling down" option, why not consider...

I'm with Plus.net 8mb with a 2GB cap (they charge you for the subsequent gigabytes, at £1.80 for every extra 2G. Or £1.50 if you pay in advance for it) So for £21 you could get about 8GB-8MB on this plan. (there might be better plans on the same service, though).

The 2GB is fine if your usage varies significantly, and it stops you from spending all your live-long day on youtube. They email you when you've gone over the limit.

If you are very into downloading large files or streaming all the time, then it's probably not for you.

I've also got free usage from midnight to 8am (which I just discovered!) which I suppose could get around that, if I used a download scheduler.

It's £14.99 a month, and I usually end up reaching 4gb, thus adding an extra £1.80 to that.

The 8mb speed means streaming things rarely judder unless they're videos of more than about 8 minutes.

I expect your provider simply offers everyone the 60gb cap because most people won't use anything like that. Then, when people do, they apologise and take it away from them.

It's a pretty basic calculation for an ISP to overlook, I'd have thought! Have you heard of lots of other users getting this price hike at the same time?

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