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30 January 2007




See what is said to be `missing'.

That's the sort of buttons the idea pushes with me. Then again, I'd try most things once, too :)


I agree with all your comments, this kind of uneasy mixture sets my teeth on edge ... and I am a huge U2 fan (since seeing them in 1981 when they played at Loughborough University as support band to the unforgettable Delta Five...who they...?)

Chris Leman

Any time I've ever been asked to provide special music for a service I've always gone out of my way to try and find something a bit on the obscure side. I've always strayed far away from mainstream 'Christian' music. I've performed a Dave Mathews tune, Bruce Cockburn, Gillian Welsh just to name a few.

As long as the lyrics and feel of the tune fit & support the Word that's being preached, that's what counts. But that's the point - the moment the music overshadows the message/word then something's gone wrong. The congregation should be walking away from a service reflecting on God's word and His voice, not chatting about how the band did a kick'n cover of Beautiful day.

But that's just my opinion.

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