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11 February 2007


Peter Foster

Thanks so much for your input on Saturday. It was great to hear you teach for the first time. Thanks for your openness and humour, everyone I spoke to said it was great. Good lessons, well delivered.
As a group we have decided to take some direct practical action from your teaching.
We have gone online and prebooked tickets to go and see the Kylie Exhibition, when it comes to Kelvingrove later in the year. I'm sure this will be an inspirational visit. We will decide before we go whether we will gather in homage to her garments, sabotage them by day or covertly by night, what is the wise thing to do?
Practical action aside, thanks so much for your input, it was really good to have you join us.


:::::::::roaring with laughter loudly:::::::::

I just told Gadgie I hadn't remembered about KHP!!! I fear only the chaps recall such info.

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