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08 February 2007



If you want to use African time how about giving the sign to any Ethiopian friends you have. According to my hazy memories of calendar facts (and supported by the fount of all knowledge http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiopian_calendar ) they are going to be needing a sign such as that soon very soon.
Logical bonds,

Simon Varwell

Will you also be auctioning off the old picture that's no longer on your blog (the silhouette with the iPod)? It's all change here!

A Tait

Why give away the sign at all? It could join the various other plaques on the walls inside the church that originate from other periods in its history and thus serve as a reminder to future generations of the millenium. Okay, I'm a complete anorak when it comes to looking around ecclesiastical buildings and reading inscriptions but I recommend to anyone visiting St Silas to have a look about at the various tablets.


I'd add (in huge letters, and abbreviated so as not to cause offence)


Worship Them Here....Now!!

(and of course, you could lead an army to tear the sign down in the middle of the night and prophetically re-enact your teaching on the life of Gideon)

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