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27 March 2007



"The 'little person' can have their say."

Absolutely. It started with them having their read, with Gutenberg, and it continues with the blogsphere.

Of course, as a `little person', I strive to maintain a balance of respect and interest in theology, if only because the vast majority of practitioners are amateurs.

"I believe this is a gift and increases accountability."

For twice, I agree ;) - as webmaster for my church, I see a medium for correcting the imbalances and lack of respect shown elsewhere on the web. One day I hope it'll grow, too.

Beat Attitude

This stuff is all around the internet. It's pretty nasty when it's directed at you, though. Youtube is a perfect example of this, if you just look at the comments people post about other people's videos. Racist, homophobic, sexist, you name it: and for the most innocuous of videos too. I'd posted a video of The Jiggers, and someone commented with the astoundingly witty rejoinder... "gay".
Hey, thanks for dropping by, mate.

The internet is still a pretty nasty place, and it's the anonymity (or perceived anonymity) that brings this stuff to the surface.

I wonder if there are recognised historical phases of the internet, and whether this is the "post a comment" phase? Myspace/facebook et al is interesting in the way that people conduct private (and often inane) conversations via each others' public bulletin boards. By doing this publicly, people add a layer of ambiguity to the meaning of their message, almost as if it removes a layer of responsibility.

Elizabeth Bardsley

Could you not have mentioned this BEFORE I started blogging????? Biz ;-)

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