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08 March 2007



I think Jesus said this in Matthew 13:29.


Ah yes. This is sort of a theme I've seen in books by two authors recently - Brian McLaren and Marcus J Borg. Both of a "progressive" nature, they tend to point out that talk of an "end of the world" can unhelpfully make people think they're absolved of responsibility to look after the planet in this life.

Wikipedia's angle is negative - rather than "attempt to bring about the end of the world", I would say helping bring about the Kingdom of God (which is to be in *this* world, through (and whenever you see) increased justice and removal of political oppression, for example), is actually an honourable pursuit for Christians.

Check http://www.amazon.co.uk/Reading-Bible-Again-First-Time/dp/0060609184/ ("reading the bible again for the first time") some time, if not already :)

Beat Attitude

Can someone put an end to all this?



Beat Attitude

imminentisation/imminentization: facilitating or encouraging the imminence of an event or occurence.

Eschaton: the end of everything/the end times.

Next time you try to bring about judgement day...Stop. Think. DON'T.

Chris Hamer-Hodges

The danger lies in having an over-realised eschatology rather than in hastening the eschaton.

Paul Ede

check out the following wikipedia article:
Wikipedia claims the phrase was first coined to describe those who try to bring about the end times through acting on esoteric knowledge, often ascribed to dispensationalist christianity (!!) and linked to gnosticism...It also appeared in the Illuminatus trilogy and was a catchphrase of the band KLF (the justified ancients of mu mu land!)

joseph walker

I am speechless...

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