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26 March 2007



Just send those celebs round the corner. We're serving champagne on Easter Day, so a few extra bottles of pink fizz won't be a problem.

With regards to ceilidhs, any friends from St Silas who would like to join in with a ceilidh at St Mary's Cathedral to celebrate the risen Lord are most welcome. Dancing starts about 7.30, after Evensong on Easter Day.


Interesting idea, using churches for birthday parties. But I think he has consistency issues given his prior statements on religion. :P

Beat Attitude

Hey, there's some great ideas here. Champagne on Easter day? La de dah! Gadgetvicar, -we- could publicise that we're serving booze: it would let people see that we weren't quite so uptight about having fun! Amazing PR don't you know...And I know I'm right when I say that what The Church needs more than anything is some good PR, dear!

Added to that,it would be guaranteed attract more alcoholics into the church! Isn't that what we want? The more the merrier: that's in the bible somewhere, yes?

Extravagant Elton is such a great role-model for us all.

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