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30 March 2007


Beat Attitude

The SCP seem to have cast out any qualified public relations experts, that's for sure. Their rhetoric is almost completely impenetrable to non-christians ("proclaiming Christ's Lordship"- what does that mean to a non-crispy?).

It seems that the CPA can be taken a lot more seriously in the area of political competence, although it's hard to tell how much of this is only skin deep...


I think the s n p shot themselves in the foot at their outset by using the word 'national' in their name it has connotations about it that must have cost them seats.
I'm all for Christians trying to influence the legislative process on matters of social justice but not so much on matters of morality. You can't make a law that would change the human heart only an encounter with Christ can do that.
The influence of salt in a plate of stew is a good thing
but who would want a plate of salt.
Perhaps Christians who feel called to Politics would be a better influence as part of the system rather than standing apart from it.
It will soon be good friday a day when the first Christians thought the world was falling apart but it wasn't God was in complete control just as he is in our days.

A Tait

Knowing a couple of the SCP's activists in the Glasgow area as I do, I can attest to the sincerity of their motives and whilst there may be a bit to go in the way of the developement of the party's literature I'm sure that with time and with learning what works and what doesn't this improvement will take place. The recent poster blitz, (if I may describe it as such), shows that the SCP is capable of getting itself noticed which is not easy for any party without the megabucks available to the old gang parties

I follow their progress with interest.

Mark Boyle

The Scottish Christian Party? Don't touch with a 10 foot bargepole.

The involvement of David Braid should be enough to get the alarm bells of anyone ringing that remembers his antics during the late 1980s/1990s in by-elections, especially that "Battle Of Britain Christian Alliance" leaflet during the European Elections that made most Christians cringe with embarrassment at what was being done in "our" name!

The kindest thing to be said about them is that they are some sort of bolthole for people that still believe in a world that disappeared 50 years ago. The unkindest is that it is a bunch of crackpots morbidly obsessed with homosexuality as a Tabloid journalist.

Actually, the latter comment is unfair: John Macleod (Daily Mail columnist & son of the great Prof Macleod of the Free Church of Scotland...what a shame the latter isn't standing for Holyrood, I'd vote for him every time) has stamped all over them with tackity boots after their antics in the Western Isles seat at the last General Election.

The Christian Peoples Alliance, despite the dubious nature of some of their Scottish slate, are however a very decent sort. In London they helped stop the BNP in their tracks in some areas, & seem to proffer a sensible enough option for those wanting a party based on Christian principles (which can be a mixture of both left & right wing) rather than the JackChickist SCP.

The Glasgow crowd seem to have already upset a lot of people: standing on a "vote for us so bisexual MSP Patrick Harvie loses his seat" was never likely to win them friends with the Greens & Pinks (!), but I saw today someone's putting A4 sheets of paper saying "NO UNION OF CHURCH & STATE" over the SCP posters (very unsporting & rather unprofessional using a Times Roman font to do it with - they should have used Ariel Black!). My guess is that will be the Scottish Secularists or Scottish Humanists antics - then again it could be someone from the United Free Church of Scotland :)

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