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07 March 2007


Beat Attitude,27

I wonder what an electronic pulpit would look like.
I think the vicar should consider returning to the pulpit, shunning the lectern, in order to surround himself more appropriately with sermon-enhancing gadgets. Obviously a discreet touch-screen monitor with ultra-high bandwidth web access. This would cross-check biblical references in real time, transmitting passages to the main screen for the congregation, thus eliminating the need for an "EZ worship" operator.

It could also be set up to monitor the scriptural content of the sermon, checking it for biblical justification, and inviting real-time commentary from other web-flock members across the world in the chat-room.

News and current affairs could be transmitted to the pulpit via a variety of services, in order to ensure intercessory prayers are fully informed and completely relevant.

Perhaps some kind of traffic and weather update could be included, and flashed up on the main screen at the vicar's discretion.

Web-casting of sermons with "pulpit view" would be possible via a network of webcams.
Any more ideas?

Mike Goss

Welcome to the Kirk

Mike (44 - and not ashamed)


Just be grateful it was a positive piece!


And they managed to spell the church's name wrong! (and we hav 2 acceptable spellings :P)


Hey...look on the bright side, according to the Daily Star you are truely ecumenical, transcending denomination boundaries... seamless "Priest", "Vicar" and "Kirk Preacher"... wow all this and you are still only 43!!


....the pulpit could also self-adjust its height, angle and directional bias so that contact is made with as many eyes as possible. It gently shifts to and fro using thermo-dynamics and air currents so that the preacher is less aware of corruption to the curvation of the structures supporting the listeners. These seating structures therefore take on an ethereal, heavenly characteristic; of being in straight lines. In short, this electronic pulpit is a GIFT from GOD.....

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