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28 March 2007


Mike Goss

Your blog resonates very strongly. Never actually joined the Labour party, but 'I was up to see Portillo go' in 1997 - and Forsyth, etc,although I have a lot of respect for the latter Michael. Now, after Iraq in particular, but also so many other things...
I joined CND last year for the first time ever. Trident must be a big issue for evangelicals as well as the liberals who were always against it. I can find no biblical justification for these weapons. They are designed to destroy cities. That's God's prerogative, not ours. Do we think we can check for the lack of ten righteous?


GV, how much, if any, do you "do" politics from the pulpit? I am desperate to let rip on the Trident issue ..........(and would have more than a sneaking admiration for anyone who delivers sermon on Trident).....

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