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06 April 2007



Every great lie is cemented together using the mortar mix of a little truth.
Jeffrey John has gone further he has plastered over this and painted it in pastel colours.
But somewhere in there the sin,judgement and redemtion of the gospel have been torn out.

Beat Attitude

As Julian wrote,

wrath and friendship are two contraries… For I saw that there is no manner of wrath in God, neither for short time nor for long;-for in sooth, if God be wroth for an instant, we should never have life nor place nor being.

Wrath and friendship two contraries? Never been angry at someone you love? Got kids? :)

I wasn't sure about this. Is it possible he's gone too far the other way on this?

I'd always subscribed to the idea that God's wrath against sin existed for sure, but he diverted it onto himself (at immense personal cost) on the cross instead of onto us, thus showing that it is God's love which is his defining characteristic and not his anger. His wrath is a product of offended love, but it could never be greater than that which was offended. What kind of love has no anger when it is flouted, disrespected, walked on, cast out as refuse? What love doesn't care about justice?

The calvinists and puritans are always stereotyped for abuse when it comes to arguing against God's wrath but I'm inclined to agree with the thrust of Jimmy's post that this argument is selective with its supporting evidence.

Or am I missing the point on what Jeffrey John is saying?


I liked this. I don't think your examples of permissive anger qualify as "wrath" either Beat. And to think that this guy could have been a Bishop if not for your team!

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