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12 July 2007



you're welcome :) I'ts not the best game in the world, but with the laughable rag-doll physics and the running around blasting stuff WR is good stress relief. Not tried supreme commander, I havent found a strategy game I like since starcraft. looking forward to starcraft 2, which should be out sometime over the summer. keeping an interested eye on Blacksite 51 as well - another FPS,set in Roswell. Comes out the end of the summer cross-platform, but the only demos available at the mo are Xbox. I want to know more about the co-operative/multiplayer side of things before I spend my dosh, as gaming for me is not only fun, but (more importantly) an opportunity to catch up with friends dispersed around the country

quite a few pals have recently become engrossed in Battlefield 2142, but hearing their whingeing and complaints over teamspeak has made me not want to try it, the frustration factor being far too high.

Currently pottering around Middle Earth with Lord of the Rings online - I can drop around the discs and the free trial code if you're interested...

BTW - happy Birthday to Ms GV - hope you weren't gaming when you should have been wining and dining :)

You want to get together for lunch over the summer? or may be dinner in that place around the corner with Ms GV and Mr Cynic? its been too long since we did something social...


No, not at all - I am sure there's a sermon in this somewhere.

Mind you, there's a sermon in pretty much any experience!

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