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11 July 2007



I think you might know what I think about "God" regarding segments of humanity separately from each other, whether that's under nationalism or denominationalism; I'm certain you're aware of 1Cor.12:14- so I presume your question is rhetorical!

Other comments of interest about it: http://jintoku.blogspot.com/2007/07/petrification.html

What about churches who don't have bishops anyway?

It's only partly reassuring to see that this is the same old `come back to the RCC' line on "ecumenism" that apparently did the rounds some time ago. Me, I fail to understand how anyone can be so backward-thinking.

Andrew T

Whilst I do not claim to be an expert on the history of the Church of Rome, one does not have to be to see the glaring errors in what the Bishop of Rome, (aka "pope"), has said.

For a start its very origins lie in the efforts of the Roman Emperor Constantine to impose a unitied religion for his subjects and thus the Roman Church has more of the qualities of a civil service than a spiritual body. Constantine himself is believed to have remained a pagan up until the time of his last hours on earth when he was baptised, a case of hedging your bets if ever there was one! The claim of direct apostolic descent by Rome is thin at best.

It would take a great more space than is available on a blog comment site to adequately analyse the causes and effects of the Protestant Reformation but some of the most crucial were the re-discovery of the Gospel message and the reality of direct prayer to God and the repudiation of such Romanist doctrine as salvation through "good works", idolaltry, and the Marian cult.

Perhaps Herr Ratzinger's pronouncements will open the eyes of Christians to how exactly the Church of Rome views them and make them review their enthusiasm for ecumenical relations with that body. This is of course not to be confused with tackling the evil of sectarian violence, which is an evil of the world and not the doing of Christians whatever denomination they belong to.

It will be interesting to see how exactly the leaders of churches that claim to be reformed stand up to this withering attack from Rome.

If only the voices of such men as Knox, Wishart and Cameron were to be heard in Scotland today!


Andrew T says: "will open the eyes of Christians to how exactly the Church of Rome views them and make them review their enthusiasm for ecumenical relations with that body"

Actually, what it highlights is how Ratzinger wants to see us, and only serves to highlight why we need a proper form of ecumenism.

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