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07 August 2007



congrats to GVB - we are still waiting......gulp!

Beat Attitude

There was a Boer war?

Jenny Cheung

Well done GVB! After an in depth discussion with one of my students this morning I now understand this credits malarkey - they don't do it like that in Englandshire... So anyway, that's fab - nice one!

Russell Drummond

I had the whole credit thing, so its been around for quite some time, I hope a gadget guiness was forthcoming


Well done to the GVboy. We went through the same trauma yesterday as we managed to get access to the online results service at about 8:30am on Monday - I'm not sure he could have stood the wait until 12 noon today (which is when the envelope arrived). The boy came a way with 6 1's and 2 2's which was up to and beyond (our and his) expectations. So he is a happy bunny!


Yes we were those parents too... and no 1 daughter also managed credit passes thoughout... congrats to your boy. But what is with all those bits of paper? Things were more straightforward back in the 'dark ages' of the Boer War when we got just one really scary bit of paper!! (Just realised you are right, five more of these "exam result mornings" to live through...that'll teach us to have more than 1.9 children!!)

Cathy Wilson

Over-joyed for you all:))

5 more times you say GV - na? - I think it will be more than that :))

for each child? - could be X3 = 9 times and then ...

it doesn't change if they go to university ... you may think it does ... but it doesn't ... - could be X4 for each ?

sometimes university/college is worse LOL - resultswise - with waiting and ripping open envelops at home and deciding to go and look in person!

A step at a time - well done GV boy
blessing and the love of the Lord



Congrats GV boy. well done.

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