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31 August 2007



My Mum and Dad (who you so rightly pointed out are great) were very much like you. There are times when I look back on aspects of my teenage years with great regret, and I wonder would stricter parents have made a difference. Short answer, no. My parents were and are there for the 3 of us whenever we need them - and had they put their foot down which, of course, they did at times, the chances were that I abused their rules in some way - one of the many regrets.
I look back at my own childhood, and think of friends with kids at various stages, and realise what a tough gig you guys face.
We endeavour to pray for you all.


Amen to all that! Us parents have no previous experience of being parents to draw on... we are learning along with our children as they grow... each stage is different and each child is different, with their own unique way of seeing the world... Like you we try to allow freedom (with responsibility) and offer unconditional love (and we pray a lot!!)

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