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27 September 2007



The first time I looked at your blog tonight I thought you had changed its name: the google ads stretched right up the screen and your banner read "Jetvicar" - perhaps all that international travel has taken its toll.


Ahhhh, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy

Thanks St Silasites for letting me sit in your reserved rows. Was most impressed at all your intense listening, especially when "synergy" was only mentioned twice in the two days. (It had been on the Top 10 of Business Speak that we thought would crop up)

We saw it as our lost sheep duty to take your N. Cox out for lunch on Friday.

With love and hugs from some of the team at PQ.


We were delighted to have you as an honorary St Silasite. We felt you could have genuflected a bit more, but on the whole you behaved yourself. Of course, we were honoured to have a Baptist (with their well-known closer relationship to Jesus) sitting with us.

Pax Vobiscum......


Errrrr, and Peace back to you! (note: I had to use an online latin translator to get that). Obviously us Baptists could do with a bit of licentious liturgy.

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