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19 November 2007



It's a cliche that football's a religion, but being briefly in the midst of the mayhem in Glasgow on Sat, the sight and sound of the 'lightning rod' of collective passion that is Scottish football has prompted me to reflect on this more - I may try and write something on it at some point. I mean, imagine those kinds of droves of enthusiasts pouring into church and getting so excited about God! Hmmm...

Andrew T

I'll bet the atmosphere was something more than electric later on in the day in the city centre judging by the condition of some people at lunchtime who were kindly decorating the grass across the road from my flat with lager cans! Two friends of mine who had gone into the town for the kick-off reported the place being so busy that they couldn't get in anywhere to see the game, with one even fleeing to the comparative calm of Auld Reekie for the day.

On the up-side it would seem that things passed-off fairly peacefully and we can now look forward to trying to qualify for the World Cup.


Andrew, your positivity - reflected I'm sure by many Scots - is to be commended.


I've posted some further musings - on football on faith - for anyone this interests.


Sorry, I mean of course, on football AND faith.

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