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28 March 2008



There was once a young minister who had a bit of a name as an up and coming preacher. He used to get a lot of invites to go and preach in different places and was seen by all (including himself) as a bit of a rock star.

One Sunday he was visiting a church to preach and the time came for him to deliver the message, so he raced up into the pulpit with a leap, a jump, and an accompanying fanfare. He looked out at the congregation, opened his mouth to speak, and...froze. He tried again, but nothing came out. After a couple of moments he shuffled out of the pulpit, not making eye contact with anyone, hoping that they wouldn't notice he was there, and retreated to the vestry.

A few minutes later the pastor of the church - a wise old man - came and joined him in the vestry. "I don't know what happened" said the young man. "I do" said the older guy, "you should have gone up as you came down."

Beat Attitude

I believe this is why the phrase "superbad" was invented.

Something that seemed a lot cooler at the planning meeting I think...

PS Nick, let me guess...did they give you that story first day at Vicar School? It's just lovely.

Raspberry Rabbit

Thank you Dave for reinforcing my early liturgical preferences. Bless you.


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