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05 March 2008



A. Probably yes - I was in one of the coffee lounges which had a TV.

Although we will have a projector + screen + laptop with internet connectivity - so all things are possible!

B. Don't know, but I could mute the mics if discussion is going on too long. (I might do this anyway!)

C. Perhaps so am I!



I'm just grateful that this year the England Scotland game doesn't clash with my annual un-get-out-of-able commitment at the end of February.

But it is very poor planning to have it clash with Synod.

Beat Attitude

The real question is:

"Should I stay or should I go"



WWJD? That all important question is more important than your three. What Would Jesus Do?
And the answer... well, since Jesus is clearly Church of Scotland He would skip the whole Diocesan Synod completely. There. Problem solved. Enjoy the match :)

Mike Goss

Priorities wrong? Of course! You should have been at Murrayfield.
15-9. The ultimate answer to Richard Dawkins.

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