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25 April 2008



It's good to hear of your positive experiences this week David, and the note of humour too :) May you and yours continue to know God's grace and peace. You're upheld in prayer in the team here in Bradford too.

Cathy Wilson


I'm glad to see you back!
Still in my prayers.

Glad about the anglo-catholic thing too; everything has its place but it is how we use what tools and when which are important in our seeking to worship and glorify the Father of all - that is why I am so passionate about the Anglican Church - there is space for all manner of good things!


It all sounds very 'priestly'. (a good thing in my vocabulary, lest anyone misunderstand). I'm glad you are moving into the next phase of healing and sense-making.


Dear David,
Its God's grace that has given you strength and courage to get through such a difficult time and pulled you back from the abyss. You are always in my prayers everyday and I pray that God always protects, strengthens and guides you in whatever you do.

Here is a poem 'I'll Trust You' by Cheryl Yost about trusting God even through the darkest times because He will carry you through:

I'll Trust You

You know the way that I walk Lord,
Be it daytime or at night.
And I know that You're God of the darkness,
As well as God of the light.

Although my pathway seems weary,
I know You will carry me through.
Because You have proved to me many times,
That all of Your promises are true.

I may be discouraged or discontent,
With the way You have chosen for me,
But I know that someday I will look back,
And Your plan I will clearly see.

Please help me to trust when I am doubting,
Help me to be strong when I am weak,
And always to look for Your hand in my trial,
And always Your will to seek.

I know You're wiser than I am,
My welfare is close to Your heart.
My faith will be deepened and strengthened,
And Your grace to me You'll impart.

You know the length and depth of this trial,
In Your wisdom You have allowed it all.
I'll trust You as I walk by faith, not sight,
And in praise at Your feet I will fall.

~Cheryl Yost~


Love and God's blessings,

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