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04 May 2008



It never even occurred to me. Anyway, no need to check that, Ryan - the Scottish Episcopal Church only celebrates marriage between a woman and a man ;-)! Or am I wrong on that?


@last comment, ooh controversial ;-)

What exactly did you say to them?
Kudos to your church, that's almost a definite booking from their side just based on what the building looks like from the outside!

Simon J

I'm sure your answer was (c) and not either of the bs .. or the (a).

Glad to see that your back blogging David.


Whoops, got those letters wrong...blog in haste.....sorted now.

Normally it would have been d., but unfortunately I'm afraid I was in a bit of a rush to get out and it might have sounded more like a., which would have been a bit lacking. I hope that's not what they heard.....



Kelvin Holdsworth

If you are ever in doubt as to how to answer such a couple, you'd be welcome to send them around the corner. We love doing weddings, including weddings for straight couples.

There was a nice bunch of people turned up at St Mary's last night who were looking for St Silas. They came in and sat down for a bit before realising (I don't know how) that they were not in fact in the best evangelical church in the land but were in fact going to be treated to the most glorious evensong of all time instead. At that, they made their excuses and left. I gave them directions to you and asked them to pass on our best wishes. Hope they found you.

Do you recognise them? About half a dozen folk, one of whom had a football. Rather charmingly, he left the football behind, only to have to return again for it, thus meeting me at the door some six times in the space of 10 minutes.

[I wonder if it is a general rule that people carrying footballs are more likely to be looking for St Silas....]


I tend to hover somewhere between d with a hint of b, GV! I get a lot of weddings these days now we have this beautifully restored building. Most couples I just know that I'm unlikely to see again, or see now and again for a little while, but it's about planting seeds sometimes. Others like the couple I married on Saturday will be with us for the long haul and will be a brilliant addition to our congregation!

I don't think Jesus puts down too many conditions on his graces, but it's ok I reckon to demand the space to sow the seeds!


Why taunt you goodly vicar, Ryan? Next thing you'll be inviting him to attend Rangers' matches, and we all know that will end in tears.


Got to be a combination of C & D...encourage them to do the classes & suggest they contribute to the fund.

How you enjoying 'Blood River' btw? 3/4 way through it myself !!!


Well I think that it would have been D, however C would be good for church funds, B would be not plausible as they might wreck the place and A would have been fun to say, but not altogether great for future witnessing.

Glad to see you are back in the blogosphere David. It's always a pleasure reading your words.


Oh! All ye who worship Mammon! There's a Cof S minister not far from here who can charge up to £600 for a wedding. Scandalous! I love telling people we don't charge for God's sacramental grace. That's probably why they can't afford to pay my stipend here any longer.

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