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17 May 2008



If that would have been any of us with a sense of danger then we would have been terrified clamoring for the nearest holiday inn. At that age it's an adventure and a story to tell her peers that weren't there. I bet you were more scared than she was!

Russell Low

Im quite upset to hear that news, i was due to fly back paris beavias on monday night same flight but also got cancelled. Around 100 of us slept in the airport on monday night, which wasnt too bad if u had a bed, I was supposed to be on that flight last night but i changed my flight to dublin then prestwick. I had a hunch the flight would get cancelled last night as ryanair dont seem to be doin too much about it. Check flights goin to paris from italy cause thats the plane they are waiting on to bring your kids home and all flights in italy are gettin cancelled last 2 days. I hope they get home ok tonight.

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