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14 May 2008



I'm not sure what other suggestions I'd have for the PM, but I did like an Irish comedian's - Ed Burns I think - observation of the kind of unfairness in politics which the U-turn rhetoric exemplifies:

Opposition: '10p income tax? - terrible idea. Get rid of it! Get rid of it!'

(Advice heeded)

Opposition: 'U-turn! U-turn!

A thankless task. Still, Mr Brown did want it rather badly it seems.


I always remember a quote by Billy Connolly about politicians:

"The desire to be one should forever preclude you from becoming one"

During the Scottish Election on 2007, I was consistently approached
whilst I relaxed on a Sunday afternoon in Kelvingrove park. (I stayed in Hillhead at the time) and these folks have a zealousness that would put most Mormons to shame.

Thing is, I already knew who I was voting for, but they were persistent and annoying. Thank goodness I can vote by proxy now I live in the States.


abolish the 1707 act of Union!

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