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15 June 2008





I have spent the last hour and a half looking at this story, writing a long piece for my blog on it, and am now debating whether or not to put it on. I am getting a wee bit tired of staying quiet...

Kelvin Holdsworth

It was a wedding.

St Bartholomew the Great was for a time my church when I lived in London. It is the only church I've ever belonged to which used exclusively Prayer Book services.

It is one of the most stunning old church buildings I know. Fabulous place for any wedding.

John Penman

Not a civil legal issue but a canon law one. Right or wrong (I think wrong,) the CofE does not allow its clergy to carry these services out as public worship in a parish church. If a cleric wishes to say prayers for a pastoral situation on private property like a hotel that is one thing, but using a parish Church is a different matter. What makes this very hot is that the officiant (according to the report in the Sunday Torygraph) had asked the Bishop of London for permission and he had refused and strongly urged him not to do it. The Vicar is wide open to disciplinary action from his diocesan for disobeying orders and ignoring the CofE's rules which have very strong force, it being the Church by law established. +Richard Londin (my diocesan when I was a Curate in the CofE) is not a liberal (doesn't do women priests and is ecclesiastical patron of the Prayer Book Society)and I strongly suspect will not hesitate to take disciplinary action, especially since his pastoral direction and guidance have been blatantly ignored. My heart is with the vicar but he must be fully aware that he has laid himself out as a prophetic martyr and can't really complain if he is formally disciplined.


Good to see you went with your blog Nick. This is not an issue to keep quiet about. I have major concerns over the ceremony carried out and the words used, e.g. "union of two people in ... body"! But apart from getting into that debate, the vicar has blatently gone against the Bishop's authority and if you choose to minister in an Anglican Church then that's the way Church order is managed. It is totally seditious behaviour - read Galations 5! Life in the Spirit is a call to holy living, not surrendering to the flesh but to Christ and that means sacrifice!

Andrew T

Romans Chapter 1.

I will not add anything further.

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