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26 July 2008



OT, but is there any way you could easily add a search facility to your blog? *Most* blogs (e.g. those of Peter Ould, Richard Kew or the frabjous Kelvin)have this and it makes life a lot easier (as obviously just clicking on your "Anglican" or "Scottish Episcopal Church" tags would bring up hundreds of posts that I'd have to slog through in chronological order)


Ask, and it shall be given unto you, Ryan.

It uses Google, but works ok.


Thanks. Are you sure it's working ok? "Homopohobia" only brought up four results, which is suprisingly low for you .


Homophobic? Moi? As you are well aware, I have no irrational fear of people who are attracted to the same sex. It's the heterophobes that worry me........

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