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22 August 2008


Simon "Incident" Varwell

Much as I love the Mystery Reviewers, I do reckon the anonymity and lack of come-back doesn't make it as honest as it could be. The review does seem quite tainted by their particular sense of comfort, although that's inevitable I suppose.

Congratulations on so many positives though! It comes over as a church that sounds very appealing and I hope you get a few enquirers/visitors out of it!

Simon J

Hi, Are we allowed to respond to a review? I couldn't see how, but sounds like it would be worth while.

(I take it the reviewer was a girl?!)

Raspberry Rabbit

Well kingsfold makes things all a little ambiguous doesn't it. What happened to the good old days when it was Kingsthing and Queensfold and you knew where you stood.


In answer to the question above, yes, there is the facility for you to comment/respond to the review. On the left hand side of the report on the ship of fools page, there is a link which enables you to send in a comment on the review. Alternatively, (if you register on the boards) you can start a thread about the review.

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