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22 August 2008


(new,improved) ryan

Was talking to someone who maintained that there are actually *five* christian love languages but we couldn't name them ( I only know the biggies e.g. philos, eros, agape etc) - care to cast some vicarly light on the subject?



Could the person concerned be confused and thinking of Gary Chapman's,"The Five Love Languages"?



Thanks for that. The title if far less suggestive of a disenchanting reading experience than the Gagnon books you recommend!

John MacDonald

Haven't read this book but I may well do now after reading the quote. Thanks for posting it.

Chris H.

Thanks for the quote-it's one of my favorites from the book-and one that hits too close for comfort far too often. Always a good reminder, I'll have to listen to Lewis say/read it again tonight.

Beat Attitude

If I'm not mistaken, I think the five love languages are:

Acts of symbolism
White Lies
Shutting Up For Once In Your Damn Life Would You

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